Andrii Myroniuk

Managing partner, communications
``Does it make a difference on how cool the product is if the customer doesn't know about it?``

More than 10 years in advertising, former CEO of SEED by FCB, Kazakhstan. Managed the launch and advertising campaigns in the markets of Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia.
Beeline KZ, Air Astana, Lvivske, Nasha Ryaba, Mondelez, OLX, Avito, Volia, Chernigivske, Chumak and others.
Awards: Epica, Effie, KIAF, WoW Done, Red Jolbors.

Vitalii Tkachenko

Managing partner, strategy
``Without a strategy, one can only count on luck, while luck usually comes to those who have a strategy.``

21 years of marketing experience in Ukrainian and international companies.
Unique experience in FMCG as well as Retail (WOG, EKO-market, VERES, Obolon, Carlsberg, Pepsi).
Work experience both in Ukraine and abroad.

How we work

How can we help your business?


Carrying out of research
Strategic session
Development of marketing and communication strategy
Development and launch of new products and brands
Development of a creative platform for brand communication
Search for sources of business growth

Marketing outsourcing

Marketing Management
Implementation of marketing and communication strategy
Creation of advertising
Placement and analysis of advertisement effectiveness

Service and loyalty programs

Establishment and implementation of excellent service
Creation of unique loyalty programs


After a two-day strategic session, our team got a much clearer understanding of what we do and why. We have never studied our audience so carefully before and found out a lot of insights during the strategy session. This knowledge gave us answers to many questions that had arisen before and remained unanswered. Moreover, the key goals and indicators set during the session for 2021 had been achieved even before the end of the year.

Anna Babinets, editor-in-Chief of Slidstvo.Info

Owing to the implemented project, we have grown in a way of quality and quantity. In a year our turnover has grown by more than 40%. In addition, Andrew taught us the methodology of looking for opportunities and focusing on the areas which will lead to business growth.

Evgen Mordvinov, Co-owner of the CEH dry-cleaner's network

I was happy to work with the team of professionals of Tkachenko&Myroniuk Marketing Agency. Owing to fruitful cooperation, we managed to obtain even more than you would expect from agencies of this type. We have reviewed all the business processes in the company. We found the weak points and planned a list of changes to strengthen them. We recommend Tkachenko & Myroniuk Marketing Agency for cooperation, although sometimes it may lead to painful outcomes or changes.

Oleksandr Dymnich, CEO of Sergey Makhno Architects

My partner and I decided to hold a strategic session in order to understand what the future holds, what our clients require and what solutions the team offers. Thanks to this tool we managed to form a vector of development for 2-3 years. I already feel that we have become stronger, although we have not implemented anything yet.

Oles Potiahailo, a co-owner of Markquen Group

Thank you very much for your professional analysis and appropriate advice, instant case studies and explanations of our mistakes. Before: a little chaos in the work, the lack of a clear strategy and plan, misalignment of roles and duties of the team members. After (fairly quickly): systematization of work, deep understanding of how to increase customer coverage while reducing the number of them, the same time expanding the supply of goods; minimization of weaknesses at work; began to elaborate the mission and particular goals.

Olya Khasanshin-Samoliuk, handmade pottery master, founder of the YAGLYNA brand

We worked with Andrii in a very interesting way, we considered our clients, segmented them, conducted interviews, singled out common things for everyone and separate things for each one. Then we worked with our employees, collected feedback and information about problems: what they know about our customers. The importance of the participation of a strong moderator is highly necessary here, Andrii walked us through it. Then there was a strategic session, processing of its results, and as a result we came up with our mission, the follow-up that I wanted to hear after the word "CEH". "CEH makes things like new." And it worked well both for us and our customers. I constantly receive feedback where the customers share their things became like new, so it works 🙂

Kateryna Postelnikova, Co-owner of the CEH dry-cleaner's network